Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Thoughts 8/23/13

  • I did not realize that people hated Ben Affleck.  Or at least they hated him once he was announced as the next Batman.  Now they hate him.  I guess I missed the memo.
  • Prolific crime and mystery author Elmore Leonard died this week.  TV watchers know him as the creator of the character Raylan Givens of "Justified."
  • Our fantasy football draft is Monday.  Whoa, I am NOT ready.
  • "Downton Abbey" airs in the U.K. next month but we don't get it in the U.S.A. until January 5th.  How on earth are we supposed to avoid spoilers on this side of the pond?
  • It makes perfect sense but I did not know that you can light a crayon just like a candle.  And it'll burn brightly for several minutes.  Huh.  Of course.
  • Our Wednesday Family Night services have begun again at church.  We serve a meal at 6pm and we have classes and other activities at 7pm.  I don't understand why people skip this part.  The opportunity to serve and learn and fellowship is crucial to their growth.  Yet I know several good folk that just never seem to make it.
  • My kids just finished their first week of homeschool for the year.  We've switched over to a different curriculum and the older boys have already read a handful of books in just a few days.  The reading list they'll conquer over the next few years almost looks impossible but they'll be better-read than 99% of their peers.
  • My favorite part of homeschool so far is that they have to write a paper every day, even in grade school.  Handwriting, composition, grammar, spelling, creative writing, and (when we make them read it out loud) speech gets more attention than I thought you could possibly give those subjects.  And the wit we get to see everyday in those one page essays is irreplaceable. 
  • The new church cleaning crew just left the building a few minutes ago after giving me a tour.  They did the best job I've ever seen (by a paid crew).  Not merely adequate but really thorough.  I sure hope they keep this up!  We've had disappointing results in the past.


JenHaggerty said...

People have hate Ben since the J-Lo debacle. And then the Daredevil thing...

JenHaggerty said...