Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Random Thoughts 10/08/13

  • My folks got married 46 years ago, yesterday.
  • Potential new names for the Washington Redskins: the Washington Thin-Skins [I heard that one on the radio], The Washington Red-Tape, the Washington Redskin Potatoes [online], the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Nanticokes [from Gregg Easterbrook], and the Washington Braves [the original name back in 1930's Boston].
  • Never mind that a recent poll showed that 90% of American Indians aren't offended by the name.  In fact, there are three majority-Native American high schools (in Washington, Arizona, and Oklahoma) the proudly use the nickname.  It seems that white people have decided to be offended for them, probably, you know, because they know better what is best for "those people."
  • Kelly Oubre, a 6-7 shooting guard, committed today to play basketball at KU in 2014 after the high school star visited KU during the Late Night in the Phog event last Friday.  A five star recruit, Oubre picked Kansas over Kentucky and was recruited by several other schools including Baylor and Missouri.
  • I wrote most of while waiting for the phone call to go to the hospital and sit with friends.  Please pray for them, they are going through a really tough time.

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