Monday, December 23, 2013

Random Christmas Thoughts 12/22/13

  • Merry Christmas, everyone!
  • This is your annual reminder that Xmas does mean you're x-ing out Christ from Christmas.  The X is Xmas is not a an "x" at all but the Greek letter "chi" (pronounced sort of like "key") from which we get the "ch" in Christ.  It's simply an abbreviation.  Taking Christ out of Christmas happens on Black Friday.  Speaking of which…
  • As of today, all of the Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree (a little later than most years) and my Christmas gift spreadsheets are balanced and finalized.  There are times when I'm feeling especially materialistic and shallow in which I feel bad that my kids don't have bigger and better.  But really the Lord has provided wonderfully for them, not just at Christmastime but around the year.
  • That said, my love language is definitely giving, and nothing gives me more joy than to think of my children opening presents.  I wrap all of the presents myself and I never put a present under the tree for me.  First, I don't remember my Dad having presents under the tree.  Second, I don't want to be distracted from seeing a single opening among my five kids.
  • We always open presents first thing Christmas morning.  Unless Christmas falls on a Sunday and then we open after we get home from Church.
  • Our church Christmas program was canceled last night because of the ice and extreme cold.  It was the right call but we sure did miss it.  And this is the first year in quite awhile that we don't have a Christmas eve service.  The weather sure didn't cooperate with our schedule!

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