Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random Thoughts 8/30/14

  • It's football season again!  Finally.  As I get older I seem to enjoy college basketball more and more but there's nothing quite like NFL football.  I get warm cozy feelings just from thinking about taking a nap with the game on in the background.
  • Fantasy Football is back too.  Our church fantasy league is in it's 13th year, not counting four or five years at Rushville before that.  This year I have a decently strong pair of QBs in Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan and for the first time ever, I have the #1 overall WR, Calvin Johnson.  I feel like I got good value at most of my picks but that may be because I kept drafting players that other people were avoiding (I'm looking at you Reggie Bush and Arian Foster). 
  • This is Brennan's first year playing fantasy football.  He comes in knowing almost nothing but he's a quick study.
  • I'm typing this in my new home office.  We moved Anneliese downstairs and renovated her room into an office space.  It's perfect for when I have meetings and counseling at home, when Shannon has cake customers, and as additional space for homeschooling.
  • I'm not normally one to share a video parody of a pop song… but this one is both cute and actually a bit educational at the same time.  And it showcases Kansas farmers.
  • And then I discovered why farming is one of the most dangerous occupations.  Because tractors.
  • The first openly gay football player drafted into the NFL got cut from his team today before the season even started.  Yawn.
  • What happened to 3D TV
  • A&E cancelled their best-rated scripted show, "Longmire."  Really?!  Hopefully another network picks up the show.
  • Oh, I guess Al Gore was wrong.  Seven years ago he said the summer polar ice cap would melt in seven years.  Not only has it not melted away, it has actually has grown two summers in row and this year it gained almost 2 million square kilometers (about the size of Alaska).  Oh, yeah, and polar bear numbers are higher now than 40 years ago.  Guess what, folks, the Earth will heat and the Earth will cool but we're not causing it (and neo-communism won't fix it).

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