Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Thoughts 12/11/12

  • Yes tomorrow is 12/12/12 .  Bloggers (and other nerds) love that.
  • US 71, from Joplin to KC, becomes Interstate 49 on Wednesday.  I drove from Joplin to near-St. Joseph, Missouri and back every weekend for over four years.  It's going to be really, really hard to call that highway anything other than "seventy-one."
  • It looks like I'm going to wait until next Tuesday to see The Hobbit.  Normally, I'd be lining up on Thursday night for the midnight showing, but I want my older two boys and my wife to go with me, so seeing a noon-showing on a Tuesday makes more sense.
  • Highland Christian Church's mission team gave a sizable gift to our church camp.  God bless them!
  • Google Fiber is coming… and I can't wait.
  • Michigan is now right-to-work.  Hmmm…
  • Oh, good.  An Angry Birds movie is coming in 2016.  Just what we need.  Will this be coming to theaters or directly to the little bitty screen on your phone?

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