Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Thoughts 5/27/13

  • May God bless you on this Memorial Day.  And may God bless those who have risked their lives for our freedom and protection.
  • Shannon and I have 39 years of parenting boys under our belts (adding up our boys' ages) and, despite a backyard trampoline, we've experienced neither stitches nor broken bones.  But in just four years of parenting our little girl, we've had both stitches and a broken wrist.  Either she's especially fragile or we're doing something wrong here.
  • Anneliese seems to like here pink, glittery cast.  It extends above her elbow (cumbersome!) but it's water-proof, so she can still go swimming and bathe.
  • We enjoyed going to Manhattan, Kansas, to officiate the ordination of Kelley Bowker into ministry.  Kelley and his wife are leaving as missionaries to Ireland next year.  
  • Shannon and I hadn't been to Manhattan in twenty years and I'd forgotten what the prairie looks like out there.  We stopped at the scenic outlook just south of town and took a picture; I'd drive anywhere with that pretty lady.
  • And, yes, I wore my only purple shirt into K-State territory.  You don't want to antagonize the locals!  But I was wearing Jayhawk basketball shorts under that purple disguise.
  • Almost 6,700 service members have died since 9/11.  Find info on them here.

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