Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Random Thoughts 5/8/13

  • I sprained my wrist three weeks ago today playing basketball and I still can barely lift a book, open a car door, or shake hands with that hand.  Getting old kinda stinks.
  • I used to play basketball with my wedding band on but, when I switched to a slightly thicker ring, I started taking the ring off and attaching it to a D-ring on my duffel bag.  The problem is that after years of never removing it, I forget to put my wedding ring back on… for days.  I take it off on Wednesday night and it might be Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday before I remember to retrieve it from my bag.
  • It sounds like Andrew Wiggins, this year's top basketball prospect coming out of high school, is about to declare which school he'll breeze through on his way to the NBA.  The expectation is that he'll choose his parents' alma mater, Florida State.  There's an outside chance it could be KU or Kentucky.  Even without Wiggins, KU's recruiting class is ranked #2 in the country this year (behind Kentucky).
  • The Benghazi hearings are one of the reasons I can't blog every day without going into the rage.
  • One of my favorite shows returns this month.  The History Channel's "Top Shot" starts another season on May 29.  Guns, explosions, and a Survivor-like competition, how can this get any better?  In fact, I think it's superior to "Survivor" because players advance mostly by merit and only leave the show by losing a head-to-head shooting competition.
  • I had a 35-40 minute conversation with a Foster Brooks clone a few days ago.  He was falling down drunk in the middle of the afternoon, slurring his words and forgetting what he'd told me only moments earlier.  The funny thing was he kept shaking my hand, probably twenty times during the conversation.  He also attempted (but failed) to pray with me three or four times.  The conversation swung from confession to telling his life story and back again.  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or worry about him vomiting on me.  In the end, I felt sympathy for him and gave him a card and invited him to church; hopefully he finds the card in his shirt pocket and forgets his actual behavior.

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