Thursday, May 01, 2014

Random Thoughts 5/1/14

  • We're in the planning stages for a family vacation at the end of June.  We are heading to Colorado and possibly other mountain states.  Any suggestions for a non-camping young family on a budget?
  • Happy Communism Day (May Day).  It's also the National Day of Prayer, which might be more helpful in addressing the world's problems.
  • KU announced today that PG Naadir Tharpe is going to transfer.  Considering the number of poor choices he's made on and off the court, often keeping him in Bill Self's doghouse, many KU fans are welcoming the news.  Normally, however, you don't celebrate the loss of a senior point guard who can shoot, regardless of his issues.
  • KU also missed out on the recruitment of 5-star high school center Myles Turner.  Yesterday Turner chose home-team Texas for the 2014-15 season.   It is looking likely that KU may still land the top-remaining point guard, Devonte Graham, who could possibly start next year in Tharpe's absence.  The 6'2" Graham is a top-40 player in this class.
  • This comedy video, "A Tour of Kansas City," is kind of funny.  It's also a bit crude at times, so be warned.  But it's hard not to appreciate a few inside jokes about your home town.
  • I've been enjoying a church history podcast called "Communio Sanctorum."  It's usually about 15-20 minutes and very well done.  I like anything that makes history more interesting and easy to listen to.

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Aimee Scott said...

Colorado Springs in general is supposed to be super nice. Garden of the Gods is free and I've always heard good things about it.