Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Age of Star Wars

As you may know, Disney now owns Star Wars and Star Wars, for the last 35 years, has been a money printing machine.  As such, Disney will now supply a steady stream of new Star Wars content for us to buy.  If you're a fan (or a Disney shareholder) this sounds like a great idea… perhaps.

First off, the powers-that-be have declared what "official" Star Wars actually is.  There have been Star Wars cartoons and books and comics and television specials and all manner of fan-fiction, much of it describing the universe that surrounds the original movie trilogy.  Now most of that has been tossed out the proverbial airlock to make room for the new stuff Disney will be producing.  Official Star Wars canon now includes ONLY the six movies (episodes I-VI) and the recent "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" animated television series, now available on Netflix.

Another Star Wars animated series will air on television this year, called "Star Wars: Rebels," which is set between episodes III and IV.   The next movie, Episode VII, is being filmed right now and will be released next summer.  Fans are torn on whether they really want to see the nearly geriatric Han, Luke, and Leia dodging blaster fire, but it can't possibly be worse than Jar Jar Binks, right?  Or can it?

So how much Star Wars are we going to get in the next six years?  Here is the rumored release schedule:

2014: "Rebels" (TV, animated)
2015: Episode VII
2016: Boba Fett movie
2017: Episode VIII
2018: Han Solo movie
2019: Episode IX
2020: Red Five (x-wing movie?)

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