Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Thoughts 6/13/14

  • It's my mother's birthday tomorrow (the 14th).  Happy birthday, Mom!
  • We're planning a family trip out west later this summer through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, and back.  I think I have a decent itinerary but I've never been to Yellowstone or Mount Rushmore before.  Any suggestions?
  • I'm helping at junior high Church camp this next week and leading Day Camp (1st-2nd grade) on Saturday, the 21st.
  • Right now comic book movies based on Marvel characters (X-men, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.) are popular, especially due to a decade-long string of movies which were all tied together by a single master-plan.  Marvel's primary competitor, DC comics, has classic franchises like Batman and Superman, but has failed to match the annual blockbusters that Marvel produces each year.  DC plans to change that.  DC's movie plans for the next few years has been released: 
    • May 2016 - BATMAN V. SUPERMAN 
    • July 2016 - SHAZAM
    • Xmas 2016 - SANDMAN
    • May 2017 - JUSTICE LEAGUE
    • July 2017 - WONDER WOMAN
    • MAY 2018 - MAN OF STEEL 2
  •  Everybody enjoys Batman and Superman but I've never really been a DC guy until recently.  Christopher Nolan's Batman movies were great and I really liked the last Superman (Man of Steel) movie.  Now we've started watching "Arrow" on Netflix, based on DC's archer-character Green Arrow.  And that show has been popular enough to have a spin-off television show for the Flash later this year.

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