Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Thoughts 6/25/11

  • It's the middle of church camp season and we have three that are campers this year -- Brennan last week, Elijah today, and Tanner tomorrow.  The two older boys leave for another week of camp next month, the same week that I teach at a different camp.
  • Well, the Morris twins (aka: the Morii) were drafted into the NBA about as expected, back-to-back, 13th and 14th, though Markieff went first.  Josh Selby, the one-and-done disappointment who had exactly one great game as a Jayhawk was drafted 49th, in the bottom half of the 2nd round.  You'd have to think that he could have done better after another year of school.  Perhaps the NBA will change their rule on eligibility…
  • I can't believe the President told the 10th Mountain Division that deceased Medal of Honor recipient Jared Monti "came back [alive]", apparently confusing him with Sal Giunta, who did survive to be awarded the same medal by the President.  That's something that is rare enough and important enough that you need to keep it straight.  Update: The family of Jared Monti reports that the President called them personally and apologized.  Good for you, Mr. President.
  • Here's a fascinating story in the New York Times, written by a gay activist, about a fellow gay activist who went straight.  In fact the man, Michael Glatze, turned his back on the gay identity completely, became a Christian, and eventually went to Bible college.  The article itself, though obviously biased, is honest and extremely well-written.  Glatze's story is also here, and he writes here and here.
  • I've got a new favicon for my blog.  That's the little bitty icon next to the web address in your browser.  Neat, huh?
  • Here is the latest and best trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie.  I hope that this represents the tone of the final product – unapologetically pro-American.  It's the element that most movies (I'm looking at you stupid G.I. Joe movie) get wrong, trying instead to appeal to international markets.

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