Friday, June 03, 2011

So I Heard You're Moving FAQ

Q.  So, I heard you're moving.  Is it true?

A.  First of all, don't look so excited – we'd only move a couple of miles up the street.  We have to be careful to be clear, lest someone say, "Oh, good for you; we'll pray for your next ministry."  WE'RE NOT LEAVING THE AREA!  But, yes, we're working on moving to a different house.

Q.  How long have you been looking to move?

A.  We weren't looking at all until this opportunity was presented to us.  In fact, I went to a few of my church Elders for advice before I would even seriously consider it.  I'm a bloom-where-you're-planted kind of guy.

Q.  Are you moving right now?

A.  Not quite yet.  It'll probably take all summer to work out the details.

Q.  Do you secretly hate Kansas City …Piper …your neighbors …your current house?

A.  No, we love our house and our neighborhood.  We're staying in the Piper area, just about two miles north of our current location.  Plan A was to add-on to our current house, we love it so much.  But, after a lot of prayer, Plan B (moving to a better house) seems like the right way to go.

Q.  Are you secretly embezzling church funds?

A.  No (but thanks for asking), the new house is very affordable for us.  It's a modest step up and our overall financial situation should be better in the new place.  The Lord has provided an incomparable opportunity here.

Q.  What is the most important factor in your decision?

A.  Bathrooms and elbow room.  We're a family of seven sharing one bathroom; the new house has four.  This house is more "five-teenagers friendly," which we'll need in a few years.  We are giddy at the thought of our family growing up in this new house.  It's perfect for us.

Q.  What are your long term plans?

A.  Lord willing, to serve at WCCC for the foreseeable future.  I pray to raise my children in one community, to establish long friendships, and serve faithfully until He calls me home.  This may or may not entirely be the Lord's plan but it is our intention and, quite simply, the way I'm wired.


Shannon said...

I don't believe the "embezzling" question really qualifies as a FAQ :)

Thumper said...

Perhaps, but ministers are generally a shady lot…