Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thoughts 6/30/11

  • I tried to put a green t-shirt on my daughter, who recoiled in horror.  "Don't want!!!"  "Honey, what's wrong with this shirt?"  "Pink!!!"  Oh.  I should have known.
  • I've been hearing John Lennon's former personal assistant make claims, as he did in a recent documentary, that the late Beatle was a closet conservative in his final years, embarrassed at his former left-wing radicalism.  The assistant, who was with Lennon everyday before his death, claimed that Lennon was arguing with liberals and, if eligible, would have voted for Reagan.  This kind of change over time is not that unusual, but Lennon was an icon for a generation, so…
  • Do you want to guess which country is the new head of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament?  That's right, North Korea.  What a joke.  Usually, it's human rights abusers leading U.N. conferences or committees on human rights, but this one seemed especially ironic and undebatably ludicrous. 
  • California passed a law taxing the internet.  Amazon immediately responded by terminating it's affiliate advertising program with 25,000 websites.  Way to kill jobs and innovation, California!
  • I'm preaching through the Old Testament minor prophets, i.e. I'm making sermon-prep unnecessarily difficult and tedious.  Yay!  Next year, to make up for it, I'm preaching a six-month series on John 3:16.
  • I'm home for lunch and listening to the kids watch SpongeBob SquarePants in the next room.  Without ever deliberately watching the show, I can recognize each episode they watch by its dialogue.  Wow.  Time for the short people to read a book.
  • Michelle Bachmann, now running for Republican nomination for President, has five children and helped raise 23 foster children, mostly teenagers.  I guarantee that the Left's yellow journalists are scouring the country looking for these young people to give some "dirt" on Bachmann.  They'll relish the chance to vilify a pro-Life, Christian, mother-of-five.  For more information, see Sarah Palin.

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