Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Thoughts 9/12/11

  • Chiefs safety Eric Berry is out for the year.  Nuts.  Add that to Moeaki's injury and the brutal schedule and this is ruining the year that I was going to try to make my boys into football fans.
  • The Big 12 is still falling apart.  It got quiet for a few days but the buzz today is all about Oklahoma threatening to apply to the Pac-12 and take Oklahoma State with them.  If this threat is for real, then thanks a lot for being part of the solution, Oklahoma.  Hopefully, it's just a negotiating tactic against Texas.
  • We finally started home school with all four boys this morning.  I helped Graham with his handwriting a little and Shannon said the older boys worked until early afternoon.  I'm sure they're not thrilled to be back with the old routine.
  • I'm glad I missed most of the Chiefs game.  I smartly scheduled a counseling session after lunch, otherwise I would have needed the counseling.  By the time I got home the game was out of hand so I took advantage of my one free afternoon of DirecTV's Sunday Ticket to peruse the other games.
  • Perverts Academics on a "pedophilia-friendly" scientific symposium from distinguished schools like Johns Hopkins and Harvard were recently advocating the normalization of adult sex with children.  You'd think this wouldn't get anywhere but pedophiles are following the path blazed by homosexuals to achieve "normal" status in our culture.  There's already a humorous pedophile character on the show "Family Guy."  I'm sure there's more of this moral filth yet to come.
  • Someone asked so let me clarify:  I'm generally for the peace-thru-strength philosophy for foreign affairs.  Appeasement and signs of weakness are a recipe for disaster historically and ignore what the Bible teaches about a fallen human nature.  But that doesn't make me pro-war.  As a Christian, I hate to see death and destruction even when it's justifiable.  I'm for a strong American military but will always be reluctant to see them use force and saddened by it even when it's absolutely necessary to support it politically.  Being pro-military doesn't mean you delight in death and destruction.

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