Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Thoughts 9/20/11

  • The local sports radio guys have mostly abandoned the Chiefs for this season, instead hoping that Kansas City will get a top pick in the draft and take Andrew Luck.  I think they're right.  Some of the other poor teams, such as St. Louis and Carolina, have already drafted franchise quarterbacks, so if KC can land one of the top two or three spots, they should be in position to take a potential franchise quarterback like Luck.
  • It's about impossible to track the daily rise and fall of the Big 12.  I've been hoping that OU is bluffing in an effort to put Texas in its place, which I'm all for.  There were more rumors of Mizzou leaving for the SEC again today but my primary beef with that is that I don't like change.  Maybe the Big 12 and Big East remnants will merge…
  • It's almost as hard to figure out when we'll move.  We thought is was last week for sure and then we thought it was Monday for sure… to the point of packing our dishes and moving stuff out onto the porch and front yard…  But here we are still waiting.  It's okay, though, God is taking care of us and life is still good.  We're just easily frustrated sometimes.
  • My fantasy football team is 2-0, which sounds great considering how I'd struggled last year.  But my big draft-day move was to trade two picks to move up and draft Arian Foster from Houston.  That has been a huge mistake so far since Foster hasn't even played for me yet.  Stupid hamstring!
  • Oklahoma wants the conference commissioner gone along with the Longhorn network to preserve the Big 12.  I'm okay with that.
  • I think we have a great theme for church camp next year… more on that later.

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