Saturday, September 03, 2011

Random Thoughts 9/3/11

  • I'm bothered by how many people think they can order up a version of Christianity that suits them.  Not too offensive, not too demanding, not too time-consuming or bothersome, open-ended, all-inclusive, non-threatening, permissive and watered-down.  If it's not very Biblical, then ditch the Bible!  Well I've got news for you.  That thing you're doing… it's not really Christianity anymore.  So be honest with yourself.  You're not a Christ-follower and you don't care to be; you'd rather call the shots as you see them.  So go ahead and call yourself something else; I know that I would rather avoid the public confusion between us.
  • Poor Tony Moeaki, the Chiefs' tight end, is out for the year with an injured knee.  A couple of people in our fantasy drafts this year drafted him, probably just for sentimental reasons rather than actual value.  It's too bad; the Chiefs could have used him and his name is fun to say. 
  • Yet more evidence here that global temperature is mostly determined by the sun and not by human activity.  Of course, man-made global warming fits the preconceived notions of anti-capitalists and radical environmentalists.  Sorry guys, but those crazy old communists are STILL wrong.
  • The Big 12 is unraveling fast, now Oklahoma sounds like they would consider leaving.  Add to that the wandering eyes of Missouri and the three schools that have already left or are leaving…  Ugh.  This could get ugly with no major Midwest conference.  I'm surprised that the distances involved don't play a larger factor.  Do these schools really want to send their teams on 3000-mile round trips for every away game in every sport?
  • Finally the heat is gone.  I'm so ready for fall weather, jackets, bonfires, pumpkins, and football.
  • Here's a nice brief guide to OS X Lion, the latest version of Mac's operating software.  Mac users should at least glance at this.
  • My perfect fantasy football league would have an auction draft and a limited keeper system.  Neither of those traits are good for the league where I'm commissioner but I like them both.  The auction-style draft rewards a deep knowledge of the players and your scoring system.   A limited keeper provides a little continuity but still gives everybody a chance each year.  The system I used to employ gave each team one true keeper from the previous year and two "restricted free-agents."  Anybody could draft these two RFA's, but they came with a penalty, i.e. the new owner had to pay a draft pick to the old owner two rounds later.

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