Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Thoughts 5/30/12

  • Wow, May is almost over and now church camp and VBS and sundry other things are upon us.  Our 16th wedding anniversary is Friday, which we'll celebrate with a night out at New Theatre with Grandpa watching the short people back home.  Brennan is going to Jr. High camp this year, which is a little weird.  Actually, he's a little weird, it's just surprising how quickly he's growing up.
  • With the onset of June, I'm now two or three months overdue to get my bike out.  Need.  More. Exercise.
  • Speaking of exercise, we've been saving money for a basketball goal.  I'm hoping we can make that happen in the next month, give or take, and if we do I'll blog some photos about setting it up.
  • The American Fitness Index actually put Kansas City toward the middle of the pack in fitness, which is unusual considering that Kansas City usually ranks among the most obese/least fit.  They ranked KC 29th overall (out of 50), well ahead of Memphis, Dallas, and Oklahoma City (50th!)
  • Get more information and register for our VBS here.
  • Dan Harmon, the writer and show-runner who recently got unceremoniously canned by NBC from the show he created, "Community," also wrote a movie called Monster House, which was also taken away from him and the ending was changed.  A 7-year-old girl saw the movie, starting having terrible nightmares, and then the mother wrote to Harmon.  Harmon immediately wrote back this brilliant response.  Simply brilliant.
  • I have all these notes and ideas for stories I haven't written yet.  But watching "successful" writers have their ideas hijacked and perverted makes me not want to publish anything in my lifetime.  I still need to write this stuff though, but in obscurity.
  • On my list of shows Shannon and I watch, we lost a few to cancellation.  More specifically, "Alcatraz" was canceled because it wasn't very good, "Awake" was fantastic but nobody watched it, and "House" ran for eight seasons and ended on its own terms. Ironically, we didn't start watching House until last summer, caught up via the local public library and watched the final season as it aired.
  • By the way, TV Forecast is a great iPhone app that gives reminders so I never forget to DVR a show.
  • I don't read young adult fiction, but this infographic about YA cover art is amazing.
  • Here's a list of 10 epidemically overrated books.  What a great topic about which to make a list.  And yahoo!  Twilight made the list!

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