Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random Thoughts 5/1/12

  • Happy May Day.  Go hug a communist protester or, better yet, tell them to get off their lazy behinds, get a job, and pay their debts like the rest of us.
  • Now that "spiking the football" is a significant part of the President's daily interactions with us, let's talk about it:  On what planet does any American president not go after an Osama bin Ladin? Like Romney said, "Even Jimmy Carter would make that call."  And now we're starting to get hints (via leaked memos and such) that this President had to be talked into it, and pushed off the responsibility for the raid on Admiral McRaven… until after it was already a success.  I have a feeling that years from now President Obama is going to be cast in a completely different light in this moment of history than how he's presenting himself now.
  • The first three players drafted by the Chiefs this year almost weighed a combined 1,000 pounds (a nose tackle and two offensive linemen).  The fourth player was a 5'9", 187 lbs receiver/kick returner.
  • The Chiefs didn't draft a safety but five of the fifteen undrafted free agents they signed were defensive backs, all between 6'1" and 6'3".
  • What can geek dads watch with their budding nerd-lings while they wait for the next season of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"?  They watch "Tron: Uprising," an animated mini-series on Disney XD, coming in June.
  • We watch "America's Funniest Videos" every week to show our kids how NOT to act.  Or we take them to Walmart; we'll either find an example or the kids will provide their own.

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