Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sherlock Soon

The excellently written BBC miniseries "Sherlock" will air its second season (series 2, in British parlance) in America starting next Sunday night, May 6, on PBS's "Masterpiece Mystery."  Like the first season, it'll run in three 90-minute episodes, one per week, and then available on PBS's website for a time.

I'm a huge fan of the books, having read most of them over the last two or three years.  Even though "Sherlock" is a modern re-telling set in current day London, in many ways it's truer to the source material than some TV and movie versions. 

I also like the casting in this version.  Benedict Cumberbatch, jokingly referred to as the most British man alive, is an incredible actor and a perfect Sherlock: neurotic, obsessive, and an eccentric genius.  Martin Freeman is one of my very favorite actors, formerly on the British version of "The Office" (the original Jim/Tim character) and now playing Bilbo in The Hobbit movies.  Actually Cumberbatch is in The Hobbit also, playing the voice and motion capture of Smaug the dragon.

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