Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sweet 16 (2012) Final

Hey, I almost forgot.  We did the math and knew a week ago that Kyle was going to win but I almost forgot to throw the final numbers up on my blog for you.  Here you go:

  • As predicted, Kyle won with a better score than anything we've seen the last few years.
  • All of us had Kentucky at the top, the real question was how highly did we rate schools that dropped out early.  Duke, Mizzou, Vanderbilt, and Florida State were killers.
  • Of course the opposite problem occurred too.  Chad didn't have Kansas at all.  And if I'd rated Ohio State as highly as Kyle did, I would have beat him without any other changes (I had Ohio State as only my 5-pointer).  Instead I was almost 30 points behind.

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Zach Bolin said...

For never having played in the March Madness Altic League I will take the second place and wear with with pride!