Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Thoughts 4/25/12

  • Only three Wednesday Family Nights (Wednesday night church) left!
  • NewsRadio 980 KMBZ has hired Jonathan Weir to be their new morning guy before Rush.  He's young and from St. Louis, and though I'm hoping he's a conservative idealogue, I'm guessing that KMBZ's management is trying to get more moderate, as evidenced by moving Glenn Beck to the middle of the night, putting Darla Jaye on in the oft-preempted evenings, and hiring Dana Wright, who seems to be a cast off from "The View."  Rush is still ratings gold but conservative voices in KC, like KMBZ's audience, are getting fewer and fewer.
  • Japan Airlines is flying the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the U.S. on a 13-hour route from, get this, Tokyo to Boston.  Those planes are incredible and that route is something else, flying an Arctic path over Canada and Alaska, it's barely longer than the 11-hour Tokyo to Los Angeles flight.  Fascinating.
  • Oh, yeah, one of the biggest names in Global Warming alarmists partly recanted.  British scientist James Lovelock has admitted to exaggerating, coming to wrong conclusions, and being overly-alarmist.  From the article: "“All right,” he said, “I made a mistake.” He added of his 2006 book, Revenge of Gaia, in which his language was over-the-top, “I would be a little more cautious – but then that would have spoilt the book.”You think?!"  Man-made global warming is a ridiculous scam and foolish scaremongers like Al Gore are being proven wrong point by point.
  • Who will the Chiefs take tomorrow in the first round of the draft?  A defensive player some say.  Others are committed to the guard that played with Andrew Luck.
  • Which TV shows are getting canceled or renewedAlready renewed: "Grimm," "Survivor," "American Idol," "How I Met Your Mother," et al.;  Already Canceled: "House," "Desperate Housewives" (never watched it), "Cops" (after 24 seasons), and several new shows that didn't catch on;  TBA in the next 2 weeks or so: "Two and a Half Men" (also never watched), "the Apprentice", "the Office," "Parks & Recreation," "Community," "Awake" (one of our new favorites but gets low ratings), "Modern Family," "Castle," "Alcatraz," and many others.  By mid-May the networks will announce their fall lineups and indicate which shows have survived.

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