Monday, April 02, 2012

Random Thoughts 4/2/12

  • Good luck to the Jayhawks tonight.  It's nice to not have high expectations going into this; this was supposed to be a rebuilding year.  Everyone knows that Kentucky is crazy good and the Jayhawks have been overachieving, so it's not a heart-breaker if Kentucky wins.  Still, it'll be exciting.
  • Jayhawk fans also know that KU has a shot at this almost every year – this isn't a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  That's reassuring, even if Kentucky never lets KU in the game at all this time around.
  • Just to poke a little fun at Kentucky's best player (Kentucky fans tease about this too)…
  • My wife, who is not a televised sports fan, has actually watched a few games.  Not whole games… or the end of games… but bits and pieces and I appreciate that.  She does faithfully wear Kansas clothing on game days!
  • Here's the wiki page for this year's NBA draft, where we routinely see twice as many underclassmen declare for the draft as the draft has available spots.  Sad.  Good players leave the college experience and a free education to pursue a check that may never come.  I wish the NBA's rules required players to be older.
  • My family came by the office today and my sweet little girl asked to stay with me at the office.  Sorry sweetheart, I'm just reading and answering phones today.  Not much fun for three-year-olds.
  • Two KU assistant coaches (Manning and Hinson) have already accepted head coaching jobs elsewhere and we expect to lose three or four players, assuming there aren't any transfers.  With the big recruiting class and the probation players returning, this team will be about half unrecognizable next year.  Time to reload!

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