Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Thoughts 4/20/12

  • Our work day/mowing day at the church camp is tomorrow.  Time to go mow!  If you can't go tomorrow, give me a holler because I'm going again before June to re-build the hand-golf course.
  • Here's 50 facts about Kansas City that every Kansas Citian should know.
  • The women at our church had a movie night tonight.  I heard it went well.
  • It looks like US Airways will attempt a hostile takeover of American Airlines.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad or if it'll even happen but it's tough keeping track of where these airlines have all gone.  American took over TWA, United merged with Continental, Delta consumed Northwest and part of Pan Am, and others, like Eastern, just went belly up.
  • I'm getting a new push mower from Shannon's brother tomorrow and I'm really excited.  I've been borrowing a push mower from my dad but this new one will be really nice to have.  That nice John Deere riding mower is still for sale if anyone is interested.
  • The Hunger Games movie has made over $340 million dollars, more than Forrest Gump, Finding Nemo, and Return of the Jedi.  It's at #21 all-time and climbing fast.  I understand how good the books are supposed to be, but c'mon… I saw the movie.  It wasn't very well done.  In my opinion it was on par with an old episode of "Star Gate," i.e. okay acting, decent special effects, lots of minor flaws that can be overlooked, likeable but NOT Oscar-worthy.  I have nothing against the Hunger Games franchise – I'll probably go see future movies in the series – but because this isn't the same caliber of film-making as the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings franchises, I worry that good books are going to be rushed into development and spoiled because millions of fans will gobble up anything with their favorite book title slapped on it.
  • Did you hear that the entire starting-five from Kentucky, all freshmen and sophomores, declared for the NBA draft.  I'm still waiting for their championship to be vacated because of rules violations.
  • The Secret Service, the GSA… apparently government work is a lot spicier than it used to be.
  • Did you see the pictures of George Zimmerman's bleeding head?  That picture alone is going to get him acquitted of the murder charges, which in turn will probably get the poor guy lynched by the race-baited mobs.  This is such a sad story, all around.

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