Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Thoughts 7/21/12

  • No words can express the evil that played out in Colorado Thursday night.  This is not merely a sick society or individual lunacy, it's a display of mankind's capacity for evil.  Just sickening.
  • The state of Kansas is ranked #15 in the nation for being business friendly, rating things like infrastructure, cost of living, cost of doing business, economy, quality of life, etc.  Missouri came in #27, well below most of its neighbors.
  • Hey, Tim.  Thanks for commenting.  Go, Navy!
  • Coach Self announced the other day that Milton Doyle, a 6-4 incoming freshman guard, has qualified academically to play ball for KU.  There had been some concern with whether all of his prep classes would actually count but he's been cleared by the NCAA.
  • I've really enjoyed KU basketball on the radio over the years.  Max Falkenstien, who did the broadcasts for 60 years, retired several years ago and was replaced with Chris Piper.  Now Piper is moving on and will be replaced by Greg Gurley.  Gurley will work alongside play-by-play guy Bob Davis.
  • Fantasy football is back up and running.  So far it looks like we have most of our people back but I haven't heard from everybody…
  • There are so many wonderful ways to use a binder clip
  • And this is the most creative drone concept/prototype I've seen.  When technology mimics nature, awesome things happen.

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