Monday, July 09, 2012

Random Thoughts 7/9/12

  • I'm at camp (catching a little break right now to check my email and finish this post) this week and we're having a great time.  Nathan Smith is our speaker and missionary this week and he always does a great job.  Mike K., our dean, is letting Brennan tag along with the junior high and high school students even though he's a year too young.  Thanks, Mike, he's loving it!
  • RedBox bought Blockbuster Express last week.  A few of those kiosks, which weren't really connected to the old retail brick-and-mortar other than that they bought the name in bankruptcy court, were located in QT stores here in KC and may or may not be replaced by RedBox kiosks.
  • Anrio Adams has officially joined the basketball team as of last week, as expected.  That's ten freshmen counting the two redshirts from last year and two walk-ons.
  • "Falling Skies," which unfortunately is becoming the campiest sci-fi show on television, is also the worst acted and most poorly written and the ratings are reflecting that in the second season.  It's too bad, the concept could have really worked.
  • Bill Self hit a home run in the legends and celebrity softball game during the All-Star Game celebrations here in KC.
  • Peter Jackson announced that he's wrapped principle photography for the Hobbit films.  The first of the two films hits theaters in December.
  • Here are the 76 most American things ever.   It's funny, that a lot of these things actually come from other cultures but Americans have always so readily adopted these things.

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