Thursday, September 06, 2012

God? No!!!

I was floored to watch the DNC try to reinsert language mentioning God into their platform.  The mention of the name of God has been reduced by the Democrats year after year and finally it hit zero.  So when they tried to reinsert a mention (along with language acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's capital –– about which I remain dumbfounded that there is any question on that matter; their governing body meets there) they struggled to get the necessary two-thirds vote.

Watch the procedural disaster here as the leaders ignore the vocal dissent against including these two changes:

The delegates do not want God mentioned and/or they do not want Israel supported (CSPAN shows a pair of pro-Palestinian delegates).  How do Jewish Americans support this party?  I also have trouble believing that Christians can support this group, not only because of the increasing distance from Biblical Christianity and Israel but for the moral decline of the Democrat party, especially in regard to abortion.  I think a lot of good Christians are Democrats but I don't see how the moral stands of the Democrat party match their personal values.  I'd think it would directly contradict those Biblical beliefs at several crucial points.

How do Bible-believing Democrats not feel that the party has left them long ago?  How can a party say it's pro-women and then honor men like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy like they did Wednesday?  Isn't that at least a little ironic?  How can it stand for minorities and then allow former Klan members like the late Senator Robert Byrd, or defend its stand against civil rights in the 1960's and for slavery in the 1860's?

As a Christian there are days I can barely tolerate American politics, let alone the Republican party.  But if Republican positions are sometimes only partly Christian, it feels like the Democrats are steadily becoming anti-Christian.  How could this have happened?

All of this leads congressman Allen West to make a campaign commercial using the footage.

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