Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thoughts 9/27/12

  • This is what we've really needed: every NFL quarterback matched up with a look-alike muppet.  Some of these matches are stretches but a few are spot-on.
  • From the perspective of a long-time Fantasy Football commissioner, I don't like Thursday night NFL games every week.  In most leagues you can't conduct business, i.e. trades, adds, drops, waivers, etc. when the games are "active."  In a typical week, this was Sunday noon thru Monday night (less than 36 hours), leaving you Tuesday thru early Sunday morning (5+ days) to manage the league's business.  But with a Thursday game, a league's business is mostly frozen from Thursday evening to late Monday night (over four days), leaving a smaller window for management.
  • The regular NFL refs are back, getting paid up to $200,000 plus benefits, or about $4,000 an hour!  The real NFL refs are special because they have extra unblinking eyes, clairvoyance, the wisdom of Solomon, and can slow the passing of time with their mind powers.  Now we'll never have another blown call!  Yay!
  • My wife made a minecraft block as my son's birthday cake.  That thing must have weighed 50 pounds!
  • I got my bd's Mongolian BBQ birthday gift certificate today!  It's a wonderful time of year!
  • DVR technology is awesome.  This week a bunch of our new shows have started back up.  However, we've been gone late every night this week.  So we have several hours of shows waiting for us, which we can watch on our own time, skipping the commercials.  Other than the mild risk of spoilers from friends, this is the way to go!
  • I've been getting more involved in our home schooling lately.  I always assumed that as the boys got older that I'd be more involved but it turns out sheer quantity has brought me to the table.  Graham (#4) is now a full time student and so most mornings you can find me practicing the alphabet and counting to one hundred with my funny little six year old.  These are not the advanced subjects of American history and civics that I had imagined teaching but I've enjoyed it!
  • Other school subjects I still imagine teaching my kids as they get older:  The Complete Tolkien Collection, The Koine Greek Alphabet and You, Antebellum American Political Theory,  Beyond Narnia: the Complete C.S. Lewis Collection, Causes of World War 1 (with a field trip to the National WW1 museum), Philosophy 101, Introduction to Archaeology, The Exhaustive World War 2 Timeline, Beginner's Annotated Shakespeare, Survey of Church History, American Film to 1927, American Film after 1927, The History of the Ancient Near East, The Complete Visual History of American Military Ranks and Uniforms, Evolution and Origins Philosophy through History, English Literature, The History of the Roman Empire, Survey of European History, and American Football to 1970.
  • Did I miss anything?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you missed a few things! Art, P.E., Music, Band, Science, Biology, Physiology, Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Physics. Oh . . . and Spelling and Grammar and Penmanship! :) Looks like you've got the geography, history and literature pretty well covered!

Aren't you glad I'm around to give you advice all the time!??? :)

Love you!