Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Soviet Perspective

So I was reading an online interview with a former Soviet Army prison guard.  He was in the Red Army, a guard at a gulag in Siberia, and a Soviet citizen until he got political asylum in 1989 and came to live in America.

In the interview, people from all over the world asked him questions about life under communism and what Soviet prisons were like.  He described the bleak hopelessness and frustration of living in that world and the shock of coming to America for the first time.  He also detailed his success of rising from a gas station attendant in L.A. to become a small business owner.  Finally someone asked the retired old man the question we were all wondering about:

"As an Armenian yourself, what's your opinion on the Kardashians?"

His answer:

"They are a shame to our people, and a rotting influence on our young women."


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