Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thoughts 8/29/12

  • I made it through my fantasy football draft, both as a player and as a commissioner.  As a player, I was drafting ninth out of ten and wasn't lucky enough to have anyone special fall to me at the ninth slot.  That said, I felt like I drafted really well through the middle and late rounds, with three or four players falling to me well below their average draft position (good value for me!).
  • As a commissioner, we changed venue for the first time in five years, going from Dave & Buster's to Great Wolf Lodge.  GWL gave us full run of half of their restaurant and lots of extra perks, including free mini-golf and discounted access to their water park.  I thought the food was great and the actual set up of tables (we run three simultaneous drafts for our three conferences) was much better than I expected.  Thank you Great Wolf Lodge!
  • Here's an awesome list of the most disappointing movies of all time.  It's mostly sequels that have let us down and failed to live up to expectations but there are a few originals in the mix here too, based on the hype that preceded the film or the expectations from the source material, e.g. bad movies adapted from great books.
  • Artur Davis, Mia Love, and Nikki Haley all gave great speeches last night at the Republican convention.  I liked what Ann Romney and Chris Christie did, but neither one of them wowed me.  In fact, Christie disappointed me a little because he was so focused on himself and wasn't the firebrand.  I missed both Santorum and Walker.
  • Susana Martinez gave a great speech tonight (she was the first speech I heard in its entirety after getting home from church).  I'm listening to Paul Ryan now…  he's got some great lines that I'm really enjoying.  Go Paul Ryan!
  • We're studying the Sermon on the Mount right now in Bible study on Wednesday nights.
  • I'm getting a second opinion on my ankle tomorrow.  Maybe some answers…

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