Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Thoughts 8/21/12

  • I went to the doctor today about that ankle I hurt last year.  I've been having lots of problems with it for several months now; I might have broken it, might have torn something, we don't really know what's wrong yet.  I had X-rays today that didn't show anything obvious and we've scheduled an MRI that might clear things up.  
  • Incoming KU freshman Milt Doyle, a highly touted guard from Chicago, has left the team and won't be attending Kansas this fall.  Coach Self was very gracious in interviews about the departure but the truth is that the Doyle was buried so deep in the depth chart that the coaches probably asked him to redshirt.  Instead, he chose to leave.
  • Doyle's departure probably means walk-on Justin Wesley will receive a scholarship again this year.
  • My blood pressure this morning, in spite of having five kids: 128/78.  Nailed it!
  • Fantasy football starts next week with our draft on Monday night!  Yay!
  • Great quote: "Mitt Romney, when he's nominated, will be the most experienced executive to be nominated since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, who ran a university and the Allied war effort."  That would be a nice change.
  • Last week a writer shocked the world with an article in which she argues that her mother should have aborted her.  Specifically, she says, "I wish I'd been aborted," and supports that argument by detailing her abuse and the poverty her family endured.  This article, however, does a great job of analyzing her article and showing why her argument is actually anti-choice because it insists on abortion in these cases.
  • Read the original character descriptions for the show "Friends."
  • This is officially the last season of "The Office."  Unfortunately it's at least a year too late for a once great show.

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