Thursday, August 02, 2012

Random Thoughts 8/2/12

  • Our Chick-fil-a was swamped yesterday.  I drove by at about 1pm and there was a line down the street and people parking at Kohl's and walking across the empty lot.  That said there were haters, which is ironic because supposedly Chick-fil-a are the narrow-minded ones.
  • Did you hear that former Jayhawk Jacque Vaughn was named the head coach of the Orlando Magic? Vaughn played for them briefly about 10 years ago and now he's the coach.  He's been with the Spurs as a player and assistant coach for the last six seasons.
  • Here's twenty crazy-creative business cards.
  • Yes, they make couches specifically for crazy cat-ladies.
  • Hey, team USA finally caught up to and passed China in the medal count.  USA!  USA!  USA!  I would actually watch more Olympics but NBC shows stuff that is five+ hours old.  After five hours, facebook, twitter, wikipedia, and the radio have spoiled all the results.
  • If you hold opinions different than mine, you still have the right to exist and do business.  This is America.
  • I've actually heard real-life people talking about badminton in the last 24 hours.  Not at a company picnic, mind you, but in normal, regular life.  Wow.
  • My kids are so obsessed with the video game Minecraft that their mother is grounding them from it as punishment.  I'm so proud of my little nerds.
  • KU will play four exhibition basketball games in Europe (Switzerland and France) over the next week or so.

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