Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guh-ood Lookin'

So I showed my wife who Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was.  Big mistake.

Previously I'd described his role in congress and the house budget committee and his various positions on issues that were important to us and she gave me kind of a ho-hum response.  Then the next day I paused the television when he appeared on the news…

"Hey, sweetheart, that guy right there is Paul Ry…"

"Whoa!  He's good lookin'!"

She emphatically (and unnecessarily) pronounced both o's in the word "good."

"Well, I don't know about that.  His policies though…"

"And Romney's good looking, too!"

At this point, I'm wondering if at some point in the last four years I might have accidentally hinted that Sarah Palin was perhaps slightly more attractive than a troll.

My wife adds, "It's not that it should matter, but people are shallow, and these guys are rrrrrrreally handsome.  They look fantastic.  I'm really excited about this election now!"



bbass said...

I've always had the theory that the better looking candidate always wins. Hopefully it holds true this time too.

Twisted said...

She definitely got to the "meat" of the matter. Hee Hee.

Timothy Kelly said...

That is very funny!