Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Thoughts 8/14/12

  • Wednesday Family Night, our Wednesday night church program, begins tomorrow.  I'm continuing to teach from the harmonized life of Christ and lasagna is on the menu for tomorrow.  Dinner at 6, classes, worship practice, et al. at 7pm.
  • Did you notice that former Jayhawk Sasha Kaun won a bronze medal as part of the Russian Olympic basketball team?
  • The Jayhawks won two exhibition games in Switzerland last week and then lost two in France, including one where Coach Self didn't play the upperclassmen at all.  Interestingly, in that loss, freshman Perry Ellis, who didn't even start, lead the team with a double-double (16 points and 12 rebounds), four for four from the free throw line, and he had a steal.  Everybody else looked pretty mediocre against the professional French team that included an actual NBA player.
  • Paul Ryan.  Yes.  Perfect.  Now we're talking.
  • Famed writer-director Joss Whedon tries to stop independent filmmakers… sort of.
  • A former college classmate of the Barrack Obama thinks the President cheated in an surprising way.  Hmm…
  • Watch Paul Ryan dismantle Obama-care in six minutes, in front of President Obama.
  • Here's the best video game Easter egg/practical joke ever.  I wonder how many folks fell for that?

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