Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Thoughts 9/18/13

  • The Democrats excused themselves from the Benghazi hearings before the victim's families testified.  How do you make a bigger insult than that?!  I'm shocked.
  • Board meeting tonight at church.  That's not actually anywhere near as bad as it sounds.
  • The only problem is the Chiefs play at 7pm.  How did the board meeting get scheduled at the same time as something this important?
  • The Pope is on roll.  Last week he said you didn't have to believe in God to get to heaven.  Let that sink in for a minute… okay.  This week he says the church needs to stop "obsessing" over abortion and other social issues in order to make the church more "welcoming."  Here's the problem, the church is in the truth business not the make-you-feel-better business.  I really wanted to like this pope but he's firmly gone off the deep end of orthodoxy into universalism.  Do you know how many previous pontiffs would have excommunicated this guy for things he's saying?
  • Can you impeach a Pope?  Or take a mulligan?
  • Former KU one-and-done star Xavier Henry is circling the NBA career drain.  News is that he's getting a second chance on the Lakers' bench, but some commentators aren't optimistic.  Granted, he has made approx. $5.5 million in three years but if he doesn't play beyond this point how much money has he potentially lost?  How much better could he have been had he stayed in college?

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