Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random Thoughts 9/24/13

  • My eldest turns 13 on Thursday.  That's just bizarre.  That just five years away from the point at which his mother and I were talking marriage.  Five years!!!
  • So the new iPhones are selling well.  This is probably the generation that I'll skip.  I've had my iPhone 5 for awhile now and I couldn't be happier with it.  Now I just have to sit back and wait for the iPhone 6.
  • I have what looks like a bee sting on my thumb.  I woke up this morning with it itching/hurting.  How did that happen?  Maybe it's some kind of spider bite?  I'll report later if my spidey-sense starts tingling.
  • If you wanted to see a list of the Emmy winners from Sunday night, here you go.  Just a note: if your show or its actors are either gay or really liberal, it sure seems to be an advantage in winning awards.  The liberal thing will probably always be a part of Hollywood and the art-scene in general but when is the heroic homosexual meme going to jump the shark?  Just wondering.
  • Quote of the Week:  Nancy Pelosi, in regard to the $3.7 trillion budget, said, "The cupboard is bare, there's no more cuts to make."  Really?  There are so many politicians that seem to be crooked liars.  I'll never go into any kind of politics for that very reason, i.e. it seems entirely corrupt.
  • There was a story in the news today about a kid that may be suspended from school for a year for playing with an airsoft gun, wait for it… in front of his own house.  The school argued that it has zero tolerance policy on "firearms" (which airsoft isn't) that extends to the home (where the school should have NO authority).  Really?!  Is that even legal?!  Schools don't need to help the government seem creepier and more invasive than it already is.
  • Just to clarify: my kids do NOT belong to the government.  I'll raise them myself and do my best to instill my values.  In the meantime, I'll try to avoid contact with the nanny state.  
  • Note to self: take kids to gun range with uncle Craig and Grandpa.  Every 10-year-old should know "breathe, relax, aim, squeeze…"

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