Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Thoughts 10/16/10

  • Here's a cool video of a band on a train singing and playing instruments… except all of the instruments are iPhone apps.
  • How many times should you flip a hamburger while grilling it? Just once, everyone says? Apparently conventional wisdom is wrong and flipping often cooks faster and more evenly. Hmmm…
  • Speaking of iPhone apps, does anybody out there use a camera/photography app that they particular like and would recommend? I've seen a few that look okay, and several that add silly filters to make your photos look old or whatever. But good, solid crop and edit? I'm not sure… I'm particularly looking for apps that take advantage of the iPhone 4's better camera and screen.
  • I got approached by a stranger at QT today. "What's wrong with your team? They suck, I guess!" I looked down and realized I was wearing a KU shirt. He just stood there in his Harley Davidson costume and gawked at me. Was this unsolicited opinion from a K-State fan relishing their recent intra-state football victory or was this how Missourians start conversations generally? I really don't know. Either way, KU is a great school in my home town. K-State needs to beat KU for the next 30 years straight to break even in football and Missouri hates Kansas because we wanted to free the slaves and they didn't. Like neo-Nazis, flat-Earthers, and people who think bell-bottoms are coming back, you're on the wrong side of history there, buddy. So buzz off, creepy, tactless dude at QT.
  • Ozark Christian College sent me a survey asking about a potential Master's program offered through the school. I enthusiastically filled it out and hope this comes to fruition. I have no idea how I'd pay for it, and it would have to work around my full-time ministry, but I'd love to pursue that. Especially from Ozark!
  • And here's a big dose of coolness: a first-person perspective of a soldier from the 101st Airborne parachuting into a college stadium on game day!


Jen said...

Not sure I like you attitude towards us Missourians............. :)

Thumper said...

Was the bell-bottom thing too much? Sorry!