Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts 10/19/10

  • There's a big announcement from Apple tomorrow that I'm hoping includes upgraded laptops and enough info to help me pull the trigger on buying one.  My poor old MacBook has been going strong for years now but the time is long since past to replace it.  It's wearing out and falling apart; mostly due the heavy, daily use it endures.  This laptop has been on, almost non-stop, for something between 35,000 and 40,000 hours, with a few breaks here and there, getting used for at least a few hours everyday, seven days a week.  I hoping that this line of laptops will see a good upgrade and/or a price drop tomorrow.
  • SpaceShipTwo had its first glide test recently.  This article has some great photos and details about the flight and the near-future of space tourism.
  • If you caught the History Channel's "WWII in HD" last year, which was excellent by the way, then you need to see sequel:  "WWII in HD: The Air War."  The mini-series will air in November and feature previously unseen footage, remastered in high definition, from the air war over Europe in WW2.
  • Is NBC's new comedy, "Outsourced", seems really witty and interesting as it's set in a call center in India.  But having been outside the country a few times and having learned how much I don't know about other cultures, I have to wonder how authentic this is.  Is it mostly right?  Mostly wrong?  Does it scream, "2nd generation American/British Indian immigrants, not actual India!!!" or is it pretty close?  I really don't suppose I'm in the position to tell the difference.  Either way, its ratings have been good enough to be picked up for a full season, while other shows are getting "downsized."
  • "V", the sci-fi remake from the '80's, is one of the shows getting downsized.  Without even airing it's second season yet, ABC reduced it's episodes from 13 to 10.  The suits probably got the word that it was as cheesy and as poorly acted as the original series back in the day.  Too bad; I had high hopes for that one.
  • I'm recording all the episodes of "The Event" but haven't watched any yet.  Is it really as good as people are saying?  I don't know but I have high standards for intelligent, high concept dramas that have not been met by shows like "Heroes" (post 1st season finale) and "V."


jayrod said...

2 things:

First, Outsourced seems fairly realistic, in the same way as The Office is; mostly accurate cultural references, with overblown quirks.

Second, I don't know how I feel about The Event. Laura and I have been watching, and I still have the sneaking suspicion that when I find out the answers to my questions I'll be seriously disappointed.

Dustin said...

Jayrod-- about The Event, I hope we're not disappointed! We've been glued to it, and it's good so far, but I have a feeling it's gonna get silly the farther it goes.
Jared-- just start watching it now and catch up, because you know that you're not gonna be able to avoid seeing people's comments about it, and even if you don't know how it ends, people's opinions will still ruin your expectations!

DebtGuy said...
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Doug said...

Jared - I remember watching the 80's mini-series of "V" and the discussions we had about each episode in the mornings waiting to go into the school. Those were the days. ;)