Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Thoughts 12/12/11

  • We watched The Nativity Story (2006) at church last night during a potluck dinner.  I'm not sure what was different but that some of the best food at a church potluck that I can remember and our church eats all the time!
  • Good job, KU, on beating #2 Ohio State last Saturday.  This seems to be a bit of down year for Kansas and a win like that really helps.  By the way, where did Kevin Young come from?!  Wow!
  • Is anybody out there watching "Grimm"? 
  • Tim Tebow in the fourth quarter is a joy to watch.  Buzz off, haters.
  • I lost a fantasy football game on that final kick in the Cowboys-Giants game Sunday night.  The kick is good and I win.  But wait… the Giants called a timeout… re-kick… and it's blocked!  I lose by one point.  Nuts.  Congrats Matt S.
  • Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs" returns on Tuesday.  If you haven't heard Rowe's speech at TED a couple of years ago, where he talked about Greek vocabulary and lamb castration in Colorado… it's 20 minutes well spent.
  • The next season "Sherlock," the excellent BBC modern-rendition of Sherlock Holmes, is airing in the UK in January and here in the United States in April or May on PBS.
  • Are they really still going to call it the Big East?  Boise and San Diego?!  Really?
  • Here's that BCS spelling bee video that everyone likes.   It's so on-the-nose that it's both funny and frustrating.

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Alisa said...

Eric and I are watching Grimm and really liking it. We are also keeping up with Once upon a time. Both are good takes on the fairy tale theme, but completely different from one another.