Monday, December 05, 2011

Random Thoughts 12/5/11

  • You can often gauge how busy I am by how much I blog (or don't blog).  Even on a normal busy day, I can fit in five minutes here and five minutes there and write something.  It's only on really busy days that leave me intellectually exhausted that I can't write anything.
  • This imitation-Apple store must be the sincerest from of flattery.  Way to shamelessly copy your competitor, Microsoft.  I wonder how many shoppers will wander into this store and ask for an iPad or iPhone?
  • It was a sad week in Kansas City after popular meteorologist Don Harman committed suicide.  It's just so tragic when someone is lost to depression this way.  And all the more frustrating when ignorant people make ignorant generalizations about suicide.
  • On a similar note, Chester McGlockton, a former Pro-Bowl defensive lineman with the Raiders and Chiefs, died last week at age 42 from an apparent heart attack.
  • Acknowledging up front that I don't have all the facts yet, I'm really disappointed in Herman Cain.  It looks so damning…  How did he think these things wouldn't be uncovered if he ran for president?!  Now I could just about dump the entire Republican field and start over.
  • The top-3 Republican contenders have a combined age of 208.  Good grief.  I think I'm actually missing Sarah Palin.
  • Please, Alabama, blow up the stupid BCS.  We want some kind of playoffs in college football.
  • Read black conservative Lloyd Marcus, especially his article here on "Conservatism 101."  He says things well, especially when addressing folks who live with very conservative values but don't give themselves permission socially to call themselves "conservative."
  • I thought everyone loved underdogs and unlikely heroes.  So why is there so much venom and mockery directed at Tim Tebow?  Especially now at the height of his success?  How are so many ignoring the best feel-good story in the NFL in years?  Is he a little too Christian?  Is giving away his money to Filipino orphanages a little too noble?  I'm just stunned that so many vultures have gathered, longing for his undoing.

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