Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Thoughts 12/22/11

  • Did anybody else wait up the other night to catch the streaming debut of The Hobbit trailer?  You can see it here.
  • Franklin Graham is getting grief for saying it's okay for evangelical Christians to vote for a Mormon.  I think Graham's position, that you vote for a guy that's qualified for the job even if he doesn't share your faith, is perfectly reasonable.  But some Christians are panicky that we'd "lose God's blessing" by suddenly voting for a non-Christian, i.e. a Mormon.  Yeah, because all of those previous "Christian" presidents were true believers.  Surely when a politician shows up at church, he's definitely always sincere.
  • The same article notes that uneducated and untrained prosperity-gospel-preacher and self-help guru esteemed theologian Joel Osteen says that "…Mormons are Christians."  Oh, well that clears things up.
  • Ah… snow flakes.  If it's going to be cold it may as well snow.
  • The Jayhawks play the late game tonight, airing at 10pm Central.   C'mon Hawks.  Muscle through this.
  • Having a fever, and letting it run its course, might actually help you get through the flu quicker.  We probably over-medicate a lot of things.
  • KU football landed Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist.  He has one year of eligibility and won't have to sit out after transferring because he's already graduated.  Crist picked KU over Wisconsin and will be reunited with Charlie Weis, who coached him in 2009.  Crist has had injury problems and didn't always perform well at Notre Dame but he's still a huge, experienced, pro-style upgrade over anything KU has.
  • Here's an interesting visual history of the iPhone and iPad.  Very informative.

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