Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Thoughts 3/28/12

  • According to a recent survey, 51% of American households have at least one Apple product; the average is 1.6 devices per home.  Counting phones, computers, iPods, etc., we're a little north of that number.
  • The NFL has released the official, final draft order that includes all the compensatory and forfeited picks.  The Chiefs alternate between the 11th and the 12th pick of each round with an extra pick from the Patriots in the seventh round (for a total of 8 picks).  The draft begins Thursday night, April 26.
  • Last year my dad gave us the mower I've always wanted.  A medium-sized relatively new-ish John Deere riding mower.  Awesome.  Then we moved.  So instead of mowing a large flat yard, we now are mowing a smaller, uber-landscaped and crowded, steeply-sloped hillside.  Trying to maneuver the riding mower in those tight spaces without sliding down the hill is nearly impossible – Shannon said it was like swatting a fly with a bazooka – so I did the unthinkable and asked to borrow Dad's push mower.  With a push mower, the job's done in no time with a fraction of the effort expended.  So we're going to sell the riding mower and look at push mowers; is anybody interested in buying a riding mower?
  • I'm still trying to wrap my mind around KU making the Final Four this year.  That's some rebuilding year!  It's such an over-achievement that I'm not too worried about the outcome.
  • I preached on Sodom and Gomorrah last week.  It was one of those long sermons where I was terribly distracted but even if I'd been on my A-game I'm not sure that would have made a difference with some folks.  As a culture we've wholeheartedly embraced homosexuality and calling it a sin sounds pretty barbaric these days.  Oh, well.  I've never been good at the whole popularity thing anyway.  At least I don't go to jail for that kind of talk… yet.
  • Tim Tebow to the Jets?  Why would he and his agent even agree to that?  Why would the Jets want him?  Did he not get any other offers?  What in the world?!  I almost hope he gets traded during the draft; there are a few teams out there where he would fit.
  • And does Peyton Manning really believe the Broncos are one QB away from greatness?  I don't know if he's overestimating the Broncos or himself or both.
  • Frank Martin.  Grrrr…  I'm not even that big of a K-State fan, but c'mon.  Hopefully the Wildcats get someone more loyal even better.

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