Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Random Thoughts 3/7/12

  • Whew!  We're back from vacation and had a perfect time.  The itinerary worked perfectly, including the scheduled spontaneity.  The weather was perfect (70's and 80's) with a little rain while we were at church.  The crowds at Disney were small and we had close parking, short to non-existent lines, and plenty of time to do almost everything we wanted.
  • I'll add some pictures soon (busy with work right now).
  • Will the Chiefs sign Peyton Manning?  Nah, he ought to go to Houston but will probably have his remaining years wasted at a place like Miami.
  • We visited church with our friends in Jacksonville, but it only made me miss my church family back home.  I just kept thinking of person after person that I really love and wished I was worshiping with them.
  • Rock Chalk, Jayhawk.  Complete dominance, even in our "off years."  I proudly wore my Jayhawk hat down in SEC country.
  • Failed prophet Harold Camping has called his inaccurate predictions of the end of the world "sin."  I was calling it that a year ago.
  • I was shocked to hear that conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart dropped dead at age 43.  Yikes.  The official cause of death may not be issued for a few weeks.
  • More new Apple products were announced today, including a third version of the iPad.
  • There's another video blog from Peter Jackson out on facebook about The Hobbit.  It's so cool.  Brennan finished the seventh Harry Potter book while on vacation, so he'll be reading The Hobbit soon.
  • Both Brennan and Tanner read hundreds of pages in their books while we were on vacation.  They read while we were in airport, traveling from Tampa to Orlando to Jacksonville and back, and even before bed each night. 

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