Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet 16 (2012) Round 2

Here are the numbers:

  • Kyle is leading us with 218 points (out of 272 possible) with five of us right behind him with scores between 200-208.  Chad gambled but put himself in a hole with just 188 points and two of his top four teams eliminated.
  • Zach has the most remaining teams with 11 out of 16.  That's pretty good because as a group we only predicted 13 out of 16 (we missed Florida, Ohio, and Xavier).  Mike and Chad only have seven teams remaining.
  • Everybody still has their 16-point team.
  • Both Mike and Chad have lost their bottom five teams.
  • Kyle still has his top six teams intact and nine of his top ten, putting him in the strongest position to win the contest.

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