Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Thoughts 2/29/12

  • Happy Leap Year?
  • I have my spreadsheets, budgets, itineraries, confirmation numbers, and maps downloaded to my phone and I'm ready to go.  I don't know why everyone wouldn't want to vacation with me!
  • I'm sitting here (after midnight the night before) absolutely stunned that we're going on this trip with our kids.  There's no way a family our size could do this if it weren't for all the help we had.  Both flights and hotels are being done for about 75% off or more.  Thank you, everyone!
  • How wrong is it that in order to be "safe" that Americans allow themselves to be essentially strip searched, possibly detained, and generally treated like nervous French resistance fighters going through a Nazi checkpoint.  "Your papers, please."  I want safety for the traveling public but I'm not sure if the route we've chosen is necessarily the best balance between safety and freedom.
  • I've handed our about half a dozen of my "invite cards" for church.  One of them today was a real disappointment because it didn't go over real well and for some reason I thought they would accept it better.  That happens, I guess.
  • Did I mention, "Rock Chalk"?
  • Shannon actually watched the second half of the KU-MU game with me.  Probably the first time she's closely watched a game since the '08 National Championship, which she doesn't really remember that well.  Oh, well; I was glad to have her by my side.
  • My boys don't seem to understand that Disney World is more than just the place that Anneliese can meet the various princesses.  They have no idea.
  • Graham says he's going to swim in the ocean and "catch three fish for us to eat."  He's dead serious.
  • Pray for us while we travel.

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