Saturday, February 04, 2012

Camp Makes Me Tired

We had a Men's Retreat at Mission Lake Christian Camp this weekend and it went really well.  I wish we had a bigger crowd (was planning for 25-30 and only had 22) but it went really well.  I thought Dustin and Eric delivered just about the best worship that I've heard at a Men's Retreat.  Thanks guys!

I preached three different sermons in 13 hours, with another one coming up Sunday.  So now I'm completely wiped out, trying all afternoon to stay awake while I work in my office.  Now I'm going to go home and try to stay awake while watching KU play Mizzou.  Hopefully, MU doesn't run away with it but if ever they could, it might be this year in Columbia…

But if they do handle the Jayhawks, I'm so taking a nap.

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