Monday, February 06, 2012

Caleb's Victory Parade

Our fantasy football league has a playoff system that runs through the actual NFL playoffs and Super Bowl.  So after a bit of number crunching last night, I found that the strongest team from our regular season also won our playoffs.  Caleb Champ's team, "Hoof Hearted," (say it aloud) was crowned the 2011-12 Wyandotte Fantasy Football League Champion.  After the announcement, the league received this reply:

Since nobody has taken the initiative to set this up, I guess I'll have to.

My victory parade will be this Saturday morning at 9am. It will start at the downtown airport, travel across the Broadway Bridge and end at the Sprint Center. Once at the Sprint Center we will have the presentation of the trophy and the first ever highlight clip in WFFL history (featuring clips from both drafts, Sunday morning roster changes, and the confetti Laurie threw on me after my victory was clinched)


2011-12 Fantasy Football Champion
Caleb "Hoof Hearted" Champ


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