Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Thoughts 2/10/11

  • Our church is working at the soup kitchen tomorrow.  Pray for those folks we'll be helping; it'll be a cold, blustery day tomorrow.
  • Why did the Navy name a ship after Gabrielle Giffords today?  Her story of recovery after being shot by a lunatic is inspiring, but aren't there a lot of Navy personnel who have been killed or wounded in recent years to name a ship after?  I wish Giffords all the best but I wonder why politicians get to name Navy ships to begin with.
  • Did you see the video of the dad reading his spoiled-brat ingrate daughter's facebook post and then shooting her laptop?  Yeah, we need more parents like that.  I don't condone the language in the video (or necessarily shooting the laptop) but, in principle, go Dad.  More of this and less hand-wringing, wimpy, scared of your own kid parenting would go a long way in this world.
  • It seems like no one cares that of the hundreds of people being killed in Syria every week, that many of them are Syrian Christians being killed by jihadist "freedom fighters."  I keep reading these reports online on international blogs and military websites but very little is being reported in the mainstream media and our President doesn't do much more than send strongly worded letters to the Syrian government.  When is the world going to recognize the pattern that's emerging in Egypt, Libya, and everywhere else?   As evil as the Arab dictatorships are/were, the Muslim uprisings are worse. Worse for minorities, worse for women, worse for Christians, worse for democracy and human rights.
  • And now we get a little taste of winter for a few days.  Better late than never or the other way around?
  • Our church started playing volleyball this week; we have two teams in the co-rec league in Bonner Springs.  It's not the best-played volleyball in the world but we generally have a lot of fun.

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