Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Random Thoughts 2/8/12

  • So if Kansas loses to Missouri and goes up one spot in the rankings, should they they try to lose to Baylor tonight and shoot for #1?
  • Oh, please, please, please…  Get some momentum, Santorum!  Rick Santorum won three states yesterday (MO, MN, and CO), which might be enough to tip the scales.  Social conservatives haven't have been relegated to second tier candidates for most of this election cycle.  First we had Michelle Bachmann (unelectable), then Herman Cain (scandalized), and then Newt Gingrich (so bad, he's good?!).  I can still hold my nose and vote for Romney (McCain with better hair) but I'd much rather vote for someone I feel is more a true conservative.  I think a true contrast to our President's European socialism is the best way to go.
  • Way to go NY Giants, by the way.  I've ended up with Eli Manning on my fantasy roster almost every year since he's been in the league.  Not all of those years were good ones, but he's been a consistent #2 QB for me.
  • What impact has Apple had on the design of cell phones and tablets?  Check out this comparison of tablet computers before and after the iPad and cell phones before and after the iPhone.
  • Listening to Kevin Kietzman and Jack Harry argue on the radio makes me want run to my bedroom crying, "Stop it, Mom and Dad!  Just STOP it!"

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