Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inviting 3000 People to Church

In the month of March we're inviting over 3,000 people to our church.  Tomorrow we're handing out stacks of thirty-one "Invite Cards" to every adult and teenager in church, which should be over 100 people, and asking them to hand out one of these business-card sized invitations to a person every day in the month of March.  Thirty-one cards, thirty-one days, thirty-one invitations to church.

The only rule:  You may NOT give an invite card in lieu of a tip to your waiter or waitress.  In fact, you can't even give one with your tip unless you tip at least 20%.  Let's not offend the folks we're trying to invite to church.

Q - May I have more cards if I run out?
A - Yes, we've printed about 5,000 in our first run.  Please use up your first stack before getting more.

Q - May I give cards to the same person repeatedly?
A - We'd rather you spread them out.

Q - What if I miss a day?
A - Hand out two cards the next day!

Q - My spouse/friend/family member wasn't here on Feb 26 to receive a stack of cards.  May I take them a stack to hand out?
A - Yes.  The cards will also be available in the office, at Wednesday Family Night, and Sunday morning services on March 4.

Q - So is this evangelism?
A - Not really.  Evangelism is inviting people to Jesus.  This is merely inviting people to visit our church.  But maybe this will break the ice.  Perhaps it will lead to evangelism.  Maybe it will inspire us to see people we don't normally notice in the course of our day.

Q - So what if I don't invite 31 people in the month of March?
A - God will smite a kitten for each leftover card.  These cards work in any month, keep trying!

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