Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney or Bust? Yes (Part 2)

We are blessed beyond words.  From our friends, Jason & Jessica, who are giving us the airline passes for cheap to Pat & Theresa who are hunting down deals and taking us to church on that Sunday.  You guys are making possible what would otherwise be an impossible vacation for our family.

Here's an update:
  • We have confirmed the dates that we're going and the city we'll fly into (Tampa).  Flying stand-by is risky, but Tampa isn't very popular on Wednesdays in February.  Go figure.
  • Our neighbors are watching the house and the animals (thank you, guys!).
  • Chris and the Elders are taking my preaching and teaching responsibilities while I'm gone.  You guys are awesome!  We look forward to visiting Pat & Theresa's church.
  • We're still looking for deals on car rental, Disney, and any other suggestions you guys have.  Let us know!
  • Any suggestions on getting thru airport security with kids?

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